digital projects

Why HR and digital ?

People at work often need more than they are given. It does not mean what they have is insufficient. Humans are plural and constantly seek what they lack. But where anxiety-provoking habits and pressure rule, it takes so little to make people happy. I have seen teams blossom thanks to a musical and warm atmosphere at their workplace every day. I have seen others who are so human, exactly like their manager who promotes proximity through a good atmosphere. Finally, how can I not mention those managers who work to propel their employees towards other horizons? When some employees choose to do so, why keeping them under your wings forever or prevent them from reaching their objectives? Some managers have understood that : happiness is best experienced when it is shared.

Here are so many values that I like in human resources management and that I would like to promote through intellectual but also manual services I cherish.

Do you have any digital project?

No doubt, I am passionate about digital ! Thanks to my appetite for the handling of computer tools and multi-format multimedia data, no more fear about how to handle the digital tool that you need. Together, let’s conduct your personal or professional digital project.

This interest in digital comes from my passion for software and integrated software packages management on the one hand, and from photography and graphic design on the other hand. Concerning the last point, various visual elements can be declined from your graphic charter* so that your contents and your communication supports represent you the suitable way.

Digital HR

Scan and data archives management

Leagl and GDPR compliance


Processes automation

Social monitoring

Easy software onboarding

Digital & design


Creative content setting up

Conversion to digital file formats

Files recovery

Specific software training

And sublimation as a bonus on my store

*What is a graphic charter ?

A graphic charter is a document containing all the graphic signs defining your visual identity for a given project: logo, color palette, typography and illustrations. The graphic charter serves as a reference to ensure the consistency of your brand image. You can share it with your partners if they use your logo or some of its graphic elements. For more information, I suggest this interesting article (in french) entitled l’importance d’une charte graphique pour votre image de marque.

Did you know that ?

54% of Internet users worldwide and 68% of French users access websites from their smartphone. The mobile has overtaken the computer as the medium of access to the Internet and this trend is growing.

For this reason, I recommend the skills of a trilingual Webdesigner (German-English-French). She will take care of creating your mobile-first optimized responsive websites.