Entrepreneurship is the best opportunity that can be offered to certain profiles. At the top of the list are those who have experienced failure or who, although motivated, have been rejected. Then there are those who want to do it and who are not incapacitated or unable to do it. Indeed, we undertake acts every day and this during our whole life. We are in contact with other entities and develop relationships with them. The essence of entrepreneurship draws its sources of inspiration from this, even if a percentage of the imagination must be included. As this is my very first professional article, I really hope you would enjoy reading something which aim is not to please. Otherwise, be kind and skip this content and upcoming ones.

Entrepreneurship : life is the best example !

Would you believe if I said that we are all born businesses? Look for yourselves what we have become over time. We were so small, without any clothes and defenseless on the starting line. Let’s see how entities known and unknown have invested and accompanied our efforts to get us where we are today. We are an improved version of our primitive self. Being a growing business despite our imperfections, we have learned to capitalize on past or known experiences in order to anticipate future ones. This is no more and no less than what we need to create a business. Thus, once we have opted for this path, we will only need two elements: an idea and the means to give life to that idea.

How to find some ideas to launch a business ?

As simple as the question is asking about how to get some ideas, I would simply answer that problems give us ideas for projects to undertake. When we have identified problems, proposing solutions to remedy them can bring our project to the surface. However, there is an essential question that is not really a question at all, and I will explain why a little further on : it is the formidable question of means !

Resources to run a business

Yes, it takes resources to start and run a business. But it is a mistake to believe or to let oneself be convinced that it would be financial means. Let me explain: in short, human resources are better than anything else. But you have to be aware of it and develop it. To go into more detail, I would say that it is our way of life that limits our reasoning on this false supremacy of money. In a creative process, the financial means are only accessory where the human and technical ones are present, to mention only those. Unfortunately or fortunately, certain geographical areas have this predisposition to put Man in the forefront. The direct consequence is that the human, even unknown, can listen and accompany a project for which he will have no satisfaction other than that of having helped a fellow human being. This is the importance of not “entrer-prendre” but bringing something.

Running a business is about bringing something

Like most things that the imagination can afford, two main types of entrepreneurs emerge from the mass. On the one hand, there are those who look for problems to solve and work on them, and on the other hand, those who create them, propose solutions or have them proposed. Free will is what drives you to make your choice, knowing of course that you will have to assume it. Keep in mind that some people are more likely to make money while others are more likely to be happy. When you are happy and fulfilled, financial well-being comes naturally as a bonus. The sad or good news is that there is no middle category. We’ll probably come back to this in a coaching session, course, conference or book. Kunawo and see you soon 🙂

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