hr and payrol management

hr and payrol management

Do You need an HR and payroll freelance around Strasbourg ?

Outsourcing certain functions allows you to focus on your core business. Whether you are in overflow of activity or your need is for a more or less long time, we can establish together a schedule of execution of the missions.

My expertise : Some freelance assignment in HR and payroll

Whether you are planning to move your data from one ERP to another (Quadra paie to Silae for example), or seeking for a freelance to manage some payroll and social activities, we can make it be a successful collaboration. Here are some clear steps of my modus operandi.

Step 1: Collection of the need

In order to understand your needs and to define together the missions, I attach great value to this first step.

Have You identified a need for HR and payroll assistance?

This is the beginning of an adventure! Together with your teams, I will work to make this collaboration a success. The principle of inclusion is therefore a strong value for me.

Step 2: Inventory of the existing and opportunity assessment

The involvement of the different actors upstream is a guarantee of an audit that is faithful to the realities of your company. The needs are known and placed in their context and the means to meet them are defined.

There are two possible outcomes of this step:

– no solution to the identified need: this is the end of my intervention

– we can find a solution to this need: a formal notification is sent to you and the contractual relationship can be established.

Step 3: Definition of the modalities

Once the contractual relationship is set, the specifications will serve as a reference for our exchanges. This important document being clear, a large place is given here to autonomy. However, regular reports will be sent to you and you will be able to follow the evolution.

Step 4: Scheduling

It is on the basis of the specifications that we will establish the project management schedule, taking into account your internal organization and the various elements involved.

Step 5: Implementation and Reporting

I work on your project and treat it as you would have. It is finally the stage of its implementation! In order to succeed in this final step, we keep for reference all the previous work. At the end, a report is provided to you, recalling the different stages of this collaboration as well as the conclusions.

However, the follow-up and the evaluation of the project are also important points. In a process of continuous improvement and if you are interested, I could be brought to measure your degree of satisfaction.

Did You know ?

Payroll is increasingly found on the borderline between accounting and the human resources function.

The role of the HR manager is therefore intensifying with the addition of the payroll variant to his attributes. A fine strategist and diplomat, he or she (re)reconciles the company’s strategic objectives with employees’ expectations. He is therefore a major player in the company’s strategy and, by extension, in its economic interest.

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