hr and payroll freelance

HR and payroll freelance in Strasbourg

Outsourcing certain functions allows you to focus on your core business. Whether you are in overflow of activity or your need is for a more or less long time, we can establish together a schedule of execution of the missions.

Whether you are planning to move your data from one ERP to another (Quadra paie to Silae for example), or seeking for a freelance to manage some payroll and social activities, we can make it be a successful collaboration. Here are some tasks I would be glad to work on :


Edition of pay slips

NSD (monthly, event-based)

Management of sick leave and work accidents

Relations with social organizations

Audit of compensation

Bonuses and indemnities

Software setting

Data migration

Technical support


Pre-employment declaration

Drafting of contracts and amendments

Unilateral employer decisions (UED)

Change management

Social audit


Departure of employees (indemnities, balance of accounts, etc.)

Forward-looking management of jobs and skills

Management of procedures (contractual termination, etc…)

Tasks related to personnel administration except recruitment.

Have You identified a need for HR and payroll assistance?

This is the beginning of an adventure! Together with your teams, I will work to make this collaboration a success. The principle of inclusion is therefore a strong value for me.

Did You know ?

Payroll is increasingly found on the borderline between accounting and the human resources function.

The role of the HR manager is therefore intensifying with the addition of the payroll variant to his attributes. A fine strategist and diplomat, he or she (re)reconciles the company’s strategic objectives with employees’ expectations. He is therefore a major player in the company’s strategy and, by extension, in its economic interest.