Rates below are given as an indication. They do not replace the value of the estimate. The offers are non-exhaustive and the hours of voluntary work are disinterested and without any compensation.

Digital HR*


Individuals, societies

35 € / hour
210 € / day
2 H free / month

Qui pro quo

Freelances, small businesses

70 € / hour
410 € / day


Firms, groups

120 € / hour
720 € / day

Digital & design**


Corporate identity

1 logo
1 Graphic charter
Choice between 2 graphics
Business card*
From 2400 €

Golden hour

Shooting photo pro

5 professionnal photos
Digital files
From 250 € + 20 € per add. photo
Events half day package from 500 €

Com’ promise

Graphic creation

Custom graphic – no logo
Communication graphic
From 160 €

* I offer special rates of 15 € HT / hour to students living in the Eurometropole of Strasbourg. In addition, 4*30 minutes of free accompaniment per month are available to people with no income living in the Eurometropole. This is my contribution to the fight against the precariousness and by the same time, to express my gratitude to the Region.

** Only the graphic design is included in the Graphic Design and Creation offers. Printing costs and the choice of the printer are under the responsibility of the customer.

For more specific requests, ask for a quote.