compliance and digital transformation

I am a passionate with legal compliance and businesses digital transformation and I graduated in business law and human resources management. Through kunawo, I help private-sector companies comply with current legislation. My services include audits, tailor-made training, practical assistance and information sharing. I also provide companies and the self-employed with document models so that they can manage their business on a daily basis.

My services

Kunawo consists in legal compliance consultancy. It may take the form of a remuneration audit or a social audit. It may even be about sharing some informations on business law. Kunawo also involves personalised support for self-employed people and managers. It adresses mainly to professionals who want to embark on some digital transformation with peace of mind. What I’m offering is a pedagogy that aims at not only winning the loyalty of my customers, but to see them leave satisfied.


Where legal news changes faster than the weather, what if you opted for the comfort of relying on a support? Either you get some inquires on prerogatives and obligations or you need some help with drafting binding documents, whether you need assistance in setting up internal procedures or simply want to bring your practices into line with the law, we can work together concerning the social aspects of your projects. To begin with, are you aware of your collective agreement?

Digital transformation

When time has consolidated practices, starting a digital transformation might be tough. By the same time, many companies could stand the test of time by opening themselves up to innovation. Because there can be no transformation without risks, every detail of the project counts, particularly in terms of guaranteeing the rights of the people concerned and data integrity. This offer is in particular for accountancy firms, as well as for self-employed and very small businesses.